Student Reviews

 Student Readers,  Lodi High School, California

Book Read: Desta and King Solomon’s Coin of Magic and Fortune, Vol. 1. 

Brea Richmond
A heart-warming, intriguing and unique story that captivates the reader . . . I have never read a book like this and I really enjoyed it . . . very educational. It allowed insight into another culture and their ways of life . . . The story gives readers hope for their own dreams and aspirations.

Rochelle Lippert
I loved Desta’s dreams of touching the sky . . . Desta gives people hope and ambition to reach for their dreams . . . makes you want to go for your desires and feel like anything is possible, even touching the sky . . . very inspiring.

I think students my age would find this story enjoyable and educational because it has very creative imagery, and because it makes you think about and enjoy another world.

Harbir Dhillon
I loved the story and simply couldn’t put it down . . . I loved the characters, especially Desta . . . I loved his determination and his motives and the love in his heart. A very inspiring, heart-warming and educational story.

Kayla Hieb
A touching and extremely inspiring story. I had a real attachment to Desta’s character and when sad things happened to him I felt bad. It’s also very entertaining and educational. I learned a lot from this novel.

Justin Kah
An amazing novel! . . . Very different from anything I have read. There are a few books I can read continuously without getting tired of them. This book is one of them.

I loved the characters and the setting . . . It taught me many valuable lessons as well as kept me entertained . . . reminded me about the importance of following one’s dream no matter how hard it may be.

Guicela Marissa Sandoval
Desta really touched my heart! I thought the story was magical, hopeful, mysterious and adventurous . . .  A real treat to read!
I completely think that people my age will find this book to be very interesting.  Desta’s story is one of inspirations. Who wouldn’t like it?

Marissa Nall
The setting of the novel was a very vivid and beautiful place. It was full of many opportunities for imagination and exploration. Desta’s story was very interesting and detailed with unexpected twists and turns. The work seemed very well researched and provided a glimpse into an intricate and fascinating culture . . . There are magical, touching and gripping places throughout the book.

L. Carter
Really enjoyed reading this book. Very different from all the books I have read. Every time I went to read it, I felt like I was temporarily entering a whole new world. Very touching . . . Sent a message to always go after your dreams, no matter how far they may seem or how challenging your circumstances maybe . . . Allowed me to look at life from different perspective. I think many students my age would love this book.




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