The pages ignite with inventive storytelling, primal protean settings, and the unquenchable ardor of an ill-clad shepherd boy with a heroic destiny—to reunite the outcast symbols of humanity’s noblest impulses, and to heal a troubled world . . . .This is a tale of breathless, and breathtaking scope, heart, and ambition!
–Vincent Cusenza, writer

A captivating and magical story that will keep you turning the pages!
–Edith Johnson, writer

Those who love DESTA will love following the adventures of a ten-year-old Ethiopian Harry Potter!
– Dr. Helen Bonner, author of the award-winning, Cry Dance

Brilliant . . . Masterful . . . Transporting!
– Dan Custer, reader

In Desta’s continuing epic adventure, Ambau paints awe-inspiring images of mountain, sky, and the cultural iconography that infuses the Ethiopian way of life. The engaging story is moved along lovingly with the author’s painterly writing style. As a reader, I felt a canvas, less so a page, was set before me.
-Merrill Gillaspie, writer

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