To the Desta followers and lovers of Harry Potter: You should find the following comparisons of the two characters by an author reader of the two series interesting .

1. Both Harry and Desta have difficulties with their birth families. Harry’s parents were murdered by Voldemort, and for his own safety, he had to live with his aunt and uncle who were pretty abusive. Desta was rejected by his mother and treated abusively by his father and brothers, especially Dewtay, abused him severely.

2. Both Harry and Desta experienced a time of starvation. (Both in second books). Harry was denied food and imprisoned in his room, and was punished because of his magic. Desta experienced a starving time when staying with a distant relative, who treated him like a servant, and told lies about him to his family.

3. Both chose adoptive father figures. Harry saw Dumbledor as a father, and the whole school of Hogwarts as his family, especially Ron and Hermione. Desta performed the “Father of the Breast” ceremony with Negasu in order to live with a family who would support him through school.

4. Both had magical qualities, and physical marks of those powers on their bodies. Harry has a scar on his forehead, and Desta has an invisible image of Solomon’s coin on his chest.

5. Both were successful in school. Harry was so successful in Defense against the Dark Arts, that in book 5, he teaches his fellow students spells that the regular teacher refuses to teach. Desta was a determined learner both in class and outside, where he figured out to make a flying machine that actually worked.

6. Both were born with a prophecy. A prophecy at birth about Harry was to identify the one who would face Voldemort in a final battle and defeat him. Desta’s destiny is to find the twin coin of Solomon and to bring the two together.

She picked up Desta 3 yesterday. “Wait till the public gets hold of these books!” she said as I handed her the signed copy of the new volume. . .“When would that ever happen?” I said to myself as I walked to my car. . .

7. Both Harry Potter and Desta Beshaw have the same number of letters in their names–the author’s discovery. (The author has never read Harry Potter or seen the films–because he didn’t want his writing of Desta to be influenced by the Potter series.)


I’ve finally decided to write snippets of my activities as I see them fit. For all of you who might be curious about the status of DESTA 4, I’ve formally started it at the beginning of last month. In this volume, Desta is starting the 9th grade in Bahir Dar, far from home and in a place he knows no one. He is trying hard to adapt and get used to the place. It has not been easy. He came here primarily hoping to find the second magic coin. Instead, he discovers that the ever illusive coin is shrouded with layers of mystery and people who seem to know can only give him hints and clues that lead nowhere.

This volume is probably going to be the most complex of all the 3 volumes written so far. It involves characters from three continents and histories spanning several generations. As much as I am excited where I maybe going with this novel, I’m also overwhelmed by the task ahead.  Somehow, I hope to find my way through the maze.

At the same time, I’m working on the long promised and differed nutrition book called, The Four Pillars of Health. This book, which is near and dear to my heart, is about what my wife and I have been to do for our health.  It involves special foods we formulated and have been enjoying for quite sometime. It will contain a lot of recipes so that you too can make and enjoy these foods. We are hoping to release the book by mid-May or early June.



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