• Desta 3

    TO WHOM the Lions Bow

    Desta's story unites with all humanity's in this panoramic, magical, and metamorphic 3rd phase of his journey to fulfill the sacred ancient quest entrusted to him. As he discovers just how much his life is bound up

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  • Desta 2

    and the Winds of
    Washaa Umera

    In the second act of this unfolding epic, the shepherd boy Desta is catapulted from his remote and isolated valley into a wider world. He pursues his dream of a modern education and vows to fulfill the destiny of

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  • Desta

    and King Solomon's Coin of
    Magic and Fortune

    A moving and riveting epic novel--a family saga, spanning three generations and dealing with their dark and mysterious past, set in a magical mountainous countryside, in a world of monkeys, goats and spirits.

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Readers Comments: "A Captivating And Magical Story That Will Keep You Turning The Pages!" - Edith Johnson


  • Desta is a tale of impossibility and inextinguishable dreams. In fact, Read more
  • Many of us who grew up in the 1960s and `70s had coming-of-age epipha Read more
  • Desta's journey continues to inspire us. His unwillingness to accept failure Read more

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